Rezwana Choudhury 
About Myself
Birthday: January 13
Hometown: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Education: M-Muse, currently preparing Doctoral Thesis on Rabindra Sangeet
School: Viswa Bharati, Shantiniketan, Bolpur, India
Occupation: Professional Rabindra Sangeet Singer and Faculty of Music, Dhaka University, Bangladesh
Home: Lalmatia, Bangladesh
Writers: Rabindranath Tagore, Sunil Ganguly, Akhtaruzzaman Ilias
Singer: Kanika Bandyopadhyay, Neelima Sen, Hemanta Mukhopadhyay, Satinath Mukhopadhyay, and Lata Mangeshkar
Movie Directors: Aparna Sen and Rituparno Ghosh
Film Personalities: Uttamkumar, Suchitra Sen
Hobbies: Gardening, watching movies, spending time with close friends, traveling to various countries and experiencing different culture and food, and interior decoration
My Life, My Journey
I was born in Rangpur, Bangladesh. Since my childhood I have been attracted to music which quickly grew into a passion with the encouragement and help of my parents.  My early singing lessons started with my uncle Abdul Ali that continued later under the tutelage of Sanjita Khatun and Atiqul Islam at Chayanat and Bulbul Academy of Fine Arts (BAFA) in Dhaka.  As I continued taking lessons in music and singing, I also joined the Economics Program at the university after completion of my schooling.  However, soon my inner- self came to the realization that music is my destiny.  I received a scholarship from Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) to study in Shanitiniketan, the university that was founded by Tagore himself on his philosophy of complete natural learning.  My true love with Rabindra Sangeet started at Shantiniketan and only became deeper by the days under the loving care of all of my gurus such as Kanika Bandyopadhya (affectionately known as Mohordi), Neelima Sen, Shoilajaranjan Mazumdar, Shantidev Ghosh, Gora Sarbadhikary, Manju Bandyopadhyay and Asesh Bandyopadhyay.
It was Mohordi who infused the true love for Rabindra Sangeet in me by taking me under her loving and nurturing care.  Everything that I have achieved today is because of her; she was indeed the guiding beacon in my life, my true guru:-the friend, philosopher and guide. My relationship with her is beyond the traditional guru-shishya relationship. It is something very special that defies description and can only be in the feelings inside my heart.
Advised and inspired by Mohordi, I took the bold step of opening “Shurer Dhara”, a music school, in 1992 with the vision of carrying out the guru-shishya parampara of Shantiniketan style of Ranbindra Sangeet in Bangladesh.  It is indeed a challenging endeavor and combined with my professional career, keeps me busy in every moment of my life.  I really enjoy my work, but I also love to steal moments from my busy daily life to spend time with family and friends.